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Building Your Mental Muscle

physical and mental enduranceI’m BEAT right now. My personal trainer put me through the ringer.

I did lunges today (combined with a one handed shoulder press), and what got me was NOT my muscles.

I had the muscle strength.

My heart was pumping like CRAZY. I was completely out of breath.

What got me was my muscle ENDURANCE.

You see my trainer has me do less weight but more reps to build my endurance.

He’ll gradually increase the weights as well to build up my strength.

So what am I getting at here?

You need BOTH mental strength and mental endurance to achieve high levels of success. Just like you exercise your body you gotta exercise your mind.

So what exactly is the difference between mental endurance and mental strength?

Mental Strength
: Your ability to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and come up with creative ideas. This is a KEY skill for entrepreneurs. Think about it, are there more IMPORTANT skills for an entrepreneur than solving problems, overcoming obstacles and coming up with new ideas?

Mental Endurance : This is JUST as important if not MORE than having mental strength. Mental endurance is the ability to handle high levels of stress and responsibility.

It’s the ability to persevere in the face of failure.

It’s the ability to get BACK UP whenever you get knocked down.

It’s the ability to keep going when your mind is screaming “STOP! STOP! STOP!”

You could be a genius with vasts amounts of mental strength, but if you crack under pressure, when the going get a little tough, then you’ve LOST.

“Amit, this sounds great, I GET IT! But how do I build mental strength and mental endurance.”

Other than just staying consistent and building your business, there’s one meditation technology I’ve been using that has allowed me to DRAMATICALLY increase my mental endurance AND mental strength.

I’ve been using this technology for the last 3 years, consistently.

This technology not only increases your mental focus and creativity (mental strength) over time it increases your threshold for the amount of stress you can handle.

It’s called Holosync and it’s the MOST powerful technology I’ve ever used for personal growth. One word of warning though, this technology is SUPER powerful so be sure to follow the instructions EXACTLY and NOT use it for longer than the instructions indicate (I’m SERIOUS).


  1. Chris says:

    Centerpoint have a lot of misleading advertising and sales language about the Holosync product that is not supported by scientific research (or only very very loosely supported in a round about way). In addition it is hugely expensive (probably got a high affiliate commission in there too).

    I’m not saying the technology (brain entrainment) does not have positive effects or does not have scientific evidence to back it up.

    What I am saying is that Holosync exaggerate the benefit and mislead their customers, and given this is a health related product I’d be very weary of this company.

    In addition they give a very hard sell.

    After reading around the subject I found that Lifeflow was a more honest product, and the technology behind it was better thought out.

    And for those out there that think such products will magically change their lives it won’t happen. My personal opinion is it is comparable to exercise. Excecise regularly with commitment and you’ll feel better, but better, not magically reborn.

    • Amit says:

      Hey Chris

      I can attest from personal experience that holosync is a VERY powerful technology, I use it everyday for the last 3 years and so does my wife.

      As for scientific research it’s a well established fact (yes there’s been papers published on it) that binoral beat pattern DO create high level brainwaves (that of a deep meditator). Centerpointe didn’t come up with that, that was first discovered by the Monroe Institute.

      The benefits of meditation are well established as well.

      Try it, it will knock your socks off. And yes it takes months to years of consistently using the technology to see significant benefits.

  2. I’ve used Holosync for 10 years now and am in the senior levels of the program. I also attest that it is the most powerful personal growth tool I’ve ever came across.

    Knowing you meditate with Holosync Amit instantly builds massive credibility in my mind. And that goes for anyone using holosync.

    Centerpointe is backed by tons of research and testimonies from people just like me and Amit who have undergone deep personal change.

    I’m not affiliated with Centerpointe at all (although I’m in the right place to learn how to be hehe. ) and am speaking from my heart when I say it has pushed me to grow more as a human than anything else on this planet. It took nearly a whole year before I noticed any changes, but I stuck with it and am competely grateful for doing so.

    It certainly isn’t a walk in the park either! There’s a lot of emotional crap you have to deal with. Sometimes you even break down for a while with overwhelm.

    The CD’s push your brain to reorganize at a higher level, and this drastically changes your perspective on the world for the better. Deep changes like this are not easy to deal with and Centerpointe provides massive amount of support to deal with this. Like I said I’m in the senior levels of the program and I am continually pushed. In fact, over these past 10 years I honestly don’t know what it’s like to not be pushed by holosync. Don’t let that intimidate you though because I would stop if it was harming me. The further you go the more fundamental the changes become and the more your awareness increases of what’s going on inside.

    All I can say is be prepared to take a wild ride inside to find out what you truly are, and how the inner workings of your mind create the reality around you.

    I completely trust Bill Harris and Centerpointe because they have a kick ass product and company and am proud to be learning from a Holosync user.

  3. Javier Chua says:

    Yeah. I have bought Holosync as my birthday gift and used it for about 2 months after hearing from Anik & Amit through PPC Classroom and their blogs. It’s really cool as I seems to be more aware of my emotions and feel less stress and anxious compare to last time.

    The product may seems a bit expensive but it has 1 year guarantee for all of us to give it a try. Try it out first before making any comments of whether it is good or not. Personally, I slowly feel a difference in myself somewhere but I cannot state much. Learn from the outstanding people who have set the grounds already and don’t reinvent the wheel, have the belief that we will get there too.

  4. Raj says:

    Thanks for the post. I heard about Holosync but this is the first time I am willing to give it a try.
    Chris lifeflow is almost 5 times expensive to Holosync. You said, the technology behind it is better, how? Would you clarify?

    But I do meditation in true Indian style. I learned from Maharshi Mahesh Yogi center. Mahesh Yogi is the one that popularized the Meditation.

    If you do meditate for 20 minutes a day in the morning, you will be fine.

    But I will give a try for this Meditation on steroids. Lol.

  5. Raj says:

    The awakening prologue is $177

    He says there are 12 more levels. wow.
    How many levels did you buy OR just prologue is enough?


  6. keep up the great work Amit!
    you are a daily inspiration!

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