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My New Book: “From Zero to $12 Million to Bust!”

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The last 4 years have been a CRAZY rollercoaster for me. As CEO of Boost Software, Inc I helped build it to $11.6 million (rounded up to $12 Million in the book headline). Then everything fell apart. In my book “From Zero to $12 Million to Bust!: Inc 5000 CEO Reveals How to Avoid These […]

No Holds Bar Interview on How I Got Started

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I recently did a very revealing interview with Sidepreneurs. As you listen to this entire interview, you see that I openly talk about both my successes and failures. Click Here to Start Listening to the Interview Now Enjoy!

Cash Versus Equity Businesses – What You Must Know

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  As you’re sitting back and reading through this blog post, you’ll discover the crucial difference between equity versus cash, and why mixing the two can become a lethal cocktail. Here’s the bottom line… You must understand the difference between building an equity business or a cash business because if you don’t, you’ll burn your […]

Have you ever tried giving your brain a vacation?

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I’m experimenting with something that I call a brain vacation – I just made that term up , not sure if it exists already! My wife recently stopped reading the news and she felt weird at first , but then after about a week she felt GREAT! She told me about it a couple months ago and […]

Never Stop Testing and Tweaking

This is a BIG one that I’ve been VERY guilty of in the past. Consider this scenario… Your business is humming along, you’re making a solid profit. So you get lazy, you let things run on autopilot. Then one day you wake up 6 months later and you realize your profits are down by over […]