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Cutting-Edge SEO Strategies…

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Think SEO is too hard, too much work, or just a pain in the ass? Well, I’ve spend several months delving into cutting edge SEO strategies. These are strategies that SEO agencies are charging $1000 a month for, and what’s NUTS it’s costing them next to NOTHING. These are low cost AND hands off SEO […]

Stop Being a Wimp

I talk a lot about mindset, strategy, affirmations, visualization all that good stuff. But for most of you that’s NOT the CORE problem. Liston…lack of consistent persistent ACTION towards their goal is the #1 FACTOR holding people back from success. Here’s the TOP 5 BIGGEST BULLSHIT excuses I hear from people: “Amit, I’m scared!” What, […]

Secret of Financial Risk Management: Key to Building Long Term Wealth

Shilpi and I are headed to Acadia National Park up in Maine this weekend. We need a little vacation from city life and this is a perfect time to do it (except it’s a BIT cold right now!)

I decided to do a second video on risk management because it’s so freakin’ important that you get this right.

Here’s what you need to understand: there’s a BIG difference between making money and KEEPING it.

Disclaimer: I’m NOT a licensed financial advisor or attorney, seek professional advice before doing anything.

Watch this video now, comment and tell me what you think…