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My New Book: “From Zero to $12 Million to Bust!”

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The last 4 years have been a CRAZY rollercoaster for me. As CEO of Boost Software, Inc I helped build it to $11.6 million (rounded up to $12 Million in the book headline). Then everything fell apart. In my book “From Zero to $12 Million to Bust!: Inc 5000 CEO Reveals How to Avoid These […]

No Holds Bar Interview on How I Got Started

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I recently did a very revealing interview with Sidepreneurs. As you listen to this entire interview, you see that I openly talk about both my successes and failures. Click Here to Start Listening to the Interview Now Enjoy!

Cash Versus Equity Businesses – What You Must Know

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  As you’re sitting back and reading through this blog post, you’ll discover the crucial difference between equity versus cash, and why mixing the two can become a lethal cocktail. Here’s the bottom line… You must understand the difference between building an equity business or a cash business because if you don’t, you’ll burn your […]

New Direction for This Blog

I know. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged at all.  Let’s just say I was a bit preoccupied! I’m shifting the focus on of this blog.  I’m going to share experiences from my last 4 years, on how I build a software company from zero to $11.6 million then back to zero in […]

What are YOUR Standards?

I mean ETHICAL standards. Here’s what I’ve seen, over and over again. Someone gets involved with affiliate/internet marketing. They start noticing a lot of people doing unethical things, some are borderline, some are flat stealing from and cheating people. At first they’re disgusted by it, and they vow they’re gonna do it the right way, […]