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Profit Swami Tactics & Strategies from a Self-Made Millionaire & Online Entreprenuer

Dec 31 2014

Have you ever tried giving your brain a vacation?

I’m experimenting with something that I call a brain vacation – I just made that term up , not sure if it exists already!

My wife recently stopped reading the news and she felt weird at first , but then after about a week she felt GREAT!

She told me about it a couple months ago and I blew it off.  With the new year coming I thought I give it a try.

So far I haven’t read the news for about 10 days, and yes, at first I felt weird.  But now I felt really good – hard to explain until you try it yourself.

Will I do this forever? Probably not.

The lesson here is that we’re being assaulted with some much information, most of it negative on a daily basis, it probably a good idea to take a break now and then, and give your brain a vacation!

If you’re gonna do this.  I wouldn’t just cut out the news.  I would limit any source where you’re being bombarded with stuff that’s negative. That could be TV, facebook, or twitter, depending on what you’re watching and reading.

Dec 29 2014

New Direction for This Blog

I know.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged at all.  Let’s just say I was a bit preoccupied!

I’m shifting the focus on of this blog.  I’m going to share experiences from my last 4 years, on how I build a software company from zero to $11.6 million then back to zero in a couple short years!

I’ll share everything I learned along the way.  The stuff I did right, the stuff I did wrong, and the stuff I did horribly wrong!

Sep 28 2012

Cutting-Edge SEO Strategies…

Think SEO is too hard, too much work, or just a pain in the ass?

Well, I’ve spend several months delving into cutting edge SEO strategies. These are strategies that SEO agencies are charging $1000 a month for, and what’s NUTS it’s costing them next to NOTHING.

These are low cost AND hands off SEO strategies that you can get started with for only $5…

If you want to learn more cutting edge online marketing and affiliate strategies check out

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Aug 9 2011

Never Stop Testing and Tweaking

This is a BIG one that I’ve been VERY guilty of in the past.

Consider this scenario…

Your business is humming along, you’re making a solid profit. So you get lazy, you let things run on autopilot.

Then one day you wake up 6 months later and you realize your profits are down by over 50% from what they were 6 months ago. You thought it was just a slow time in the market, and that things would pick up but no you realize it’s something more.

You’ve been schooled by increasing competition.

By the time your realize what’s happened, you’re F’d and might as well start something new.

I’ve personally been in this scenario and seen a lot of people fall prey to this.

So what’s the alternative?

Make consistent improvement to your business on a weekly, EVEN DAILY basis:


Split test your landing pages until your blue in the face. I don’t care if you can’t think of anything more to test, just make something up and TEST IT.

This is the ONE biggest thing I’ve been doing lately that has skyrocketed my profits and allowed me to blow past my competition.

Now you want to have a SOLID SYSTEM in place for split testing, whether it’s a custom php script or google website optimizer, or whatever. As long as it’s something you feel comfortable with and do NOT have to ask an outsourcer for help every time you want to setup a new split test.

Remember, the biggest key is here to consistently split test. 8 out of 10 of your split test will be duds, it’s the 1-2 that will skyrocket your profits. You gotta keep testing until you find those!


You need to be constantly be working on ways of improving your site content, adding more content, working on your search engine ranking and SEO.

It’s important to have a system in place to get these done, you do NOT need to be the person doing these.


This one’s a big deal, that almost NO ONE gets. You have to constantly ask yourself : “How can I make my site and product offerings more compliant?”


“What are some of my most compliant competitors doing that I’m not?”

You can do all the split testing in the world and have a massive conversion rate. That’s gonna mean NOTHING if you get slapped by Google.

Jul 29 2011

Gotta Learn How to Lose, Before You Can Win

That’s right.

You MUST learn how to lose, BEFORE you can learn how to win!

I recently started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Needless to say it’s BRUTAL, especially when you’re first starting out.

After getting my ass kicked a bunch of times, I was discouraged. My instructor, Alex, told me to not to worry. Every one gets beat up in the beginning, and that only by getting beat up will you learn how to win.

And that’s SO true, in almost everything in life.

When I first started affiliate marketing back in 2005, I failed for 9 months straight before I had ANY success.

Problem is most people are too scared to fail. You know who I’m talking about.

If you don’t learn how to fail, how to lose, you’ll NEVER learn to win.

Jan 25 2011

How Many Elves are Working for You?

I want to do a quick post on something REALLY important.

For about a month or 2 I found myself getting caught up in the drudgery of my business.

I know, I talk endless about outsourcing and building systems but it’s often easy to forget that, and get in the mindset:

“I need to this myself otherwise it won’t get done right!”

“This won’t take long, lemme just crank it out.”


You KNOW what I’m talking about.

Then just this month I got feed up, spend several hours detailing out the processes in my business that I wanted to outsource.

I made jing videos, templates, etc. So that it’s as SIMPLE as possible for my elves to do (I affectionately called my outsources elves! I know that’s WEIRD! LOL)

To my shock and awe, I got 3 months worth of work done in 2 week, thanks to taking a few hours out of my day to building systems and processes that I can hand over to my elves.

So, let me ask you, how many elves do you have working for you? :)

Jan 20 2011

Everything is Think You know about Health is WRONG

OK, Paleo maybe too much for most people, so in this post I want to give some general health advice.

WARNING: This may go against everything you’ve been lead to believe about health.

Before I get started lemme just tell you that Shilpi and I have tried everything under the sun as far as eating: vegetarian, low-fat, blood type diet, fiber suppliments, etc.

None of it worked for us!

In fact I was afflicted with chronic inflammation, severe allergies, bloating and gas for years. I also had poor blood numbers, indicating I was at risk of getting a heart attach. I also struggled at the gym, would get exhausted very easily. I got sick FREQUENTLY, once I had a 104 fever after coming back from Affiliate Summit West in Vegas.

Shilpi had issues with acne, psoriasis, eczema, hypoglycemia etc.

We were both gaining weight and struggling hard to keep it off.

When we finally made the changes I suggest below, ALL our health problems vanished. YES, including the allergies, and acne and everything else!

Our skin, hair and nails improved. We have WAY more energy. I’ve made HUGE gains at the gym.

The most remarkable change has been mentally. My thinking is a LOT sharper, I mean WAY sharper. I’m coming up with way more ideas to advance my business.

My inflammation and bloating is all gone, I can FEEL the difference in my body, it’s AMAZING.

We’ve lost weight automatically eating this way (and kept it off), specially body fat and kept the muscle.

I could go on with the benefits, but you get the idea.

DISCLAIMER: Not guaranteeing it will work for you, just what has worked for us. So don’t listen to anything I say, do your own research, and do what you find works best for your body.

Few points that may SHOCK YOU:

  • Saturated fat is GOOD FOR YOU. Natural saturated fats that is. Eat lots of: grass-fed better and ghee (clarified butter), and coconut oil. Eat hefty amounts of these saturated fats. Cook with them. Olive oil and flaxseed oil are also GREAT, eat lots of that too (but do NOT cook with them).
  • Vegetable oils are BAD for you, especially the partially hydrogenated kind. AVOID them. Avoid fake butter, margarine, corn oil, canola oil and all that.
  • Too many refined carbs and grains will kill you. Replace your refined carbs and grains with fruits and vegetables. Eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables.
  • Limit your intake of processed foods. Cook more dishes from scratch.
  • Soy is BAD FOR YOU. If you’re going to have soy, make sure it’s fermented, and having it on occasion, NOT every day.
  • Anything with wheat is BAD for you. Avoid wheat (because it contains gluten). If you need to eat grains, go with rice or quinoa (preferably) or really any other grain.
  • Eat lots of pasture eggs, grass-fed pasture meats, pasture raised poultry, and wild fish. If you’re a vegetarian, eats lots of dairy (grass-fed whenever possible), hemp, and quinoa.
  • Take a cod liver oil supplement daily. (or pop open a can of sardines! YUM!)
  • Always eat your fruits RAW. And your vegetables raw whenever possible (salads etc).
  • Eat nuts. And yes eat these raw too.

I highly recommend Dr. Mercola’s newsletter for excellent advice on how to eat right.

Jan 10 2011

Eat Like a Caveman

That’s right, I eat like a caveman!

I told you in an earlier post that I had some health problems, and that I had to radically change my diet.

I now follow something called a paleo diet.

What the heck is that? It’s eating (or at least close to) the way our paleolithic ancestors eat over 10,000 years ago, and hunter gatherer cultures eat to this day.

The basic idea is simple : eat ONLY fruits, vegetables, and meat. Eat local, organic fruits and veggies, and meat that is pasture and grass-fed.

ALSO, cut out processed foods. Which means no more fast food, no more donuts, bread, pastries, cereal, frozen meals or ANYTHING that is processed. No more refined carbs of any sort, all my sugar comes from fruits and veggies (except for the occasional cheat meal!)

It’s not all that bad, I eat everything FULL FAT. But I eat REAL fats such as grass-fed butter and ghee, organic coconut oil, etc. I COMPLETELY AVOID partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

CRAZY, huh?

The health benefits Shilpi and I have experienced are STAGGERING. Not just physically, but mentally as well.

Check out Robb Wolf’s site.

Jan 8 2011

Incremental or Instant Success?

When a lot of people think of major success they imagine a big real estate deal or a multi-million dollar product launch. That is, they think of a huge success as something that happens FAST.


Here’s the reality: Success is incremental.

Imagine a someone building up a website or a business over several years, doing a little bit everyday. They may not see success initially but over the course of years they have MASSIVE success because of they’re daily incremental efforts.

That’s how most people become successful. It doesn’t happen overnight. Even in the case of a big real estate deal or product launch, there’s a TON of work over a period of months and sometimes years that leads up to it.

Problem is most people’s mindset is focused on instant, fast success, and so they go looking for ways to have instant success only to face endless discouragement.

You get what I’m saying?

Think of success as analogous to building of house of bricks, ONE BRICK AT A TIME.

That needs to be your mindset.

Jan 3 2011

Stop Thinking in Terms of ‘Averages’

Ever tell your friends and family about your new online business venture and they say something like:

“What percentage of people succeed in that?”

“What does the average person doing that business make?”

“You gotta be realistic. Only a very small percentage of people doing that type of business make any real money.”

Sound familiar? That’s exactly what my friends (or so called friends) and family told me.

I mean if you look at the statistics, less than 1% of people who do online marketing really make it BIG.

I’m hear to tell you that averages and statistics are a total crock of shit as far as your success is concerned.

You are not an average, a statistic, or a number.

Averages are typically based on bell curve distributions. What you have to do is study and model people who are at the top .5% of that bell curve distribution. If you do that, you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

Food for thought.