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How to Hit the Tipping Point to Online Riches

Our new Peter Lik limited edition piece just came in today and man is it a beauty! At 2m long it’s gonna looking STUNNING on our bedroom wall. Peter Lik, he does some AMAZING landscape photography. Shilpi and I now have 5 Peter Lik pieces so far, 4 limited edition and 1 artist proof (still […]

The Internet Lifestyle : Grand Canyon Helicopter Trip

Shilpi is feeling ill today! :/ So we skipped our squash game and she’s taking it easy today and resting a lot. What’s SWEET is that she doesn’t have to worry about waking up at 6am in the morning to rush off to work. Thanks to the many years of sacrifice I put into building […]

Internet Lifestyle: 10 Day Trip to Turkey!

My first couple posts have been a little on the heavy and serious side so I wanna shift gears with you on this one. I truly feel BLESSED with the AWESOME lifestyle that this business has provided for me and my family. Shilpi and I recently came back from an AMAZING 10 day trip to […]