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The Internet Lifestyle : Grand Canyon Helicopter Trip

Shilpi is feeling ill today! :/

So we skipped our squash game and she’s taking it easy today and resting a lot.

What’s SWEET is that she doesn’t have to worry about waking up at 6am in the morning to rush off to work. Thanks to the many years of sacrifice I put into building my business she will NEVER have to work ever!

She has a better lifestyle than me! haha

Anyways, here’s a short video of a REALLY cool Grand Canyon Helicopter trip we went on a few days before the PPC Classroom LIVE seminar Anik and I held in Vegas.

Check it out..


  1. Raj says:

    very cool video. Your own private helicopter n am sure you will one day really own one. lol.
    The video pauses so frequently, any thoughts of using Amazon hosting service for smoother experience.

  2. Amit says:

    Hey Raj

    Pauses frequently? Hmm…it’s a BIG file. I may want to start rendering the video is lower quality format. Let me look into this.


  3. Steve Katyal says:

    Amazing Video Footage Amit. BTW what software are you using for adding captions and editing your videos? Thanks.

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