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Everything is Think You know about Health is WRONG

OK, Paleo maybe too much for most people, so in this post I want to give some general health advice.

WARNING: This may go against everything you’ve been lead to believe about health.

Before I get started lemme just tell you that Shilpi and I have tried everything under the sun as far as eating: vegetarian, low-fat, blood type diet, fiber suppliments, etc.

None of it worked for us!

In fact I was afflicted with chronic inflammation, severe allergies, bloating and gas for years. I also had poor blood numbers, indicating I was at risk of getting a heart attach. I also struggled at the gym, would get exhausted very easily. I got sick FREQUENTLY, once I had a 104 fever after coming back from Affiliate Summit West in Vegas.

Shilpi had issues with acne, psoriasis, eczema, hypoglycemia etc.

We were both gaining weight and struggling hard to keep it off.

When we finally made the changes I suggest below, ALL our health problems vanished. YES, including the allergies, and acne and everything else!

Our skin, hair and nails improved. We have WAY more energy. I’ve made HUGE gains at the gym.

The most remarkable change has been mentally. My thinking is a LOT sharper, I mean WAY sharper. I’m coming up with way more ideas to advance my business.

My inflammation and bloating is all gone, I can FEEL the difference in my body, it’s AMAZING.

We’ve lost weight automatically eating this way (and kept it off), specially body fat and kept the muscle.

I could go on with the benefits, but you get the idea.

DISCLAIMER: Not guaranteeing it will work for you, just what has worked for us. So don’t listen to anything I say, do your own research, and do what you find works best for your body.

Few points that may SHOCK YOU:

  • Saturated fat is GOOD FOR YOU. Natural saturated fats that is. Eat lots of: grass-fed better and ghee (clarified butter), and coconut oil. Eat hefty amounts of these saturated fats. Cook with them. Olive oil and flaxseed oil are also GREAT, eat lots of that too (but do NOT cook with them).
  • Vegetable oils are BAD for you, especially the partially hydrogenated kind. AVOID them. Avoid fake butter, margarine, corn oil, canola oil and all that.
  • Too many refined carbs and grains will kill you. Replace your refined carbs and grains with fruits and vegetables. Eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables.
  • Limit your intake of processed foods. Cook more dishes from scratch.
  • Soy is BAD FOR YOU. If you’re going to have soy, make sure it’s fermented, and having it on occasion, NOT every day.
  • Anything with wheat is BAD for you. Avoid wheat (because it contains gluten). If you need to eat grains, go with rice or quinoa (preferably) or really any other grain.
  • Eat lots of pasture eggs, grass-fed pasture meats, pasture raised poultry, and wild fish. If you’re a vegetarian, eats lots of dairy (grass-fed whenever possible), hemp, and quinoa.
  • Take a cod liver oil supplement daily. (or pop open a can of sardines! YUM!)
  • Always eat your fruits RAW. And your vegetables raw whenever possible (salads etc).
  • Eat nuts. And yes eat these raw too.

I highly recommend Dr. Mercola’s newsletter for excellent advice on how to eat right.


  1. Madhan says:

    Hi Amit, interesting post. When will you be launching your next product.

  2. Amanda says:

    Glad to hear you and Shilpi’s health has improved since making healthy eating changes. I am a health nut myself. I agree with everything you said except to avoid wheat?

  3. Gyanguru says:

    Good to see you both guys back on track, One of my friend who do rotational shifts has the same problem. For which doctor has suggested to eat at regular intervals and stick to those times daily, avoid outside not just they are un hygenic also they use ajinomoto which in long run is not good for health and is main reason for gas.

    and this differs from one person to other

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