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Have you ever tried giving your brain a vacation?

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I’m experimenting with something that I call a brain vacation – I just made that term up , not sure if it exists already!

My wife recently stopped reading the news and she felt weird at first , but then after about a week she felt GREAT!

She told me about it a couple months ago and I blew it off.  With the new year coming I thought I give it a try.

So far I haven’t read the news for about 10 days, and yes, at first I felt weird.  But now I felt really good – hard to explain until you try it yourself.

Will I do this forever? Probably not.

The lesson here is that we’re being assaulted with some much information, most of it negative on a daily basis, it probably a good idea to take a break now and then, and give your brain a vacation!

If you’re gonna do this.  I wouldn’t just cut out the news.  I would limit any source where you’re being bombarded with stuff that’s negative. That could be TV, facebook, or twitter, depending on what you’re watching and reading.

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