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Have You Made Your Dreamboard Yet?

Have YOU made your dreamboard yet?

In my last post I showed you EXACTLY how to make one so that you can manifest your dreams and goals faster than you ever imagined.

Now I know some of you are thinking: “Amit, it’s great that is dream board thing worked for you, but stuff like that doesn’t work for me!”


Read the comment Hernan left on my last post:

I read your Super Affiliate Millionaire Code report a few months back where I learned about this idea of making a dream board. Well, I got my dream board put together back in May. Two of the things I put on there was a 24″ iMac to help increase my productivity for my business and I also had a 2009 Nissan 370Z. Well, I’ve had my new iMac for about two months now, and tomorrow morning I’m heading to a Nissan dealership to work out the papers so I can get behind the wheel of a 2009 Nissan 370z! 😀 It really works!

Thanks for sharing Hernan :)

WHY does this work? Because you’re instructing your subconscious mind towards what you want to achieve and manifest in your life. Your subconscious responds to VIVID imagery and emotional.

Having a picture will make your dream/goal that much more VIVID versus just writing it out.

Remember you subconscious is uber powerful, and when your subconscious is convinced your goal it’s a done deal, you WILL hit your goal.

When I started out as newbie and started making a dreamboard I tried to convince a friend of mine to do the same, he adamantly refused. Needless to say I COMPLETELY blew past him.

Get off your butt and make your dreamboard NOW.


  1. Steve Katyal says:

    I believe Dream Board or Dream lining forces one to take action to achieve their goals. Thanks for the reminder, i dreamlined a while ago and will pull it out to make my dreamboard.

  2. Kevin says:

    Great post Amit.

    I just made one for my desktop & office.

  3. Raj says:

    I created a small board with pictures of $3K / month and Honda civic.
    Let me see how that turns out.

  4. Rajendra says:

    Hi Amit I really like this topic , as most of the new bloggers like me will definetly find useful from this.
    I am also from one of them who is looking for an good traffic on my blog Its really having an
    good stuff to refer and implement these things on my blog. Thanks Amit once again for such post.

  5. my says:

    I have a Porsche Panamera Silver 4S and a Mercedes CLk350 Black on my Visionboard. I call it a VisionBoard but it is all the same. I have a $80m Greenback Note replica and that is the money which I have manifested in my life

  6. Javier Chua says:

    Yeah I called it vision board too. Amit, how do you manifest it after creating your dreamboard? Do you keep on looking at it and reading out your goal statement that you wrote out or you just visualize yourselves in it?

  7. Hey Amit,
    The answer is yes, I made my dreamboard…as soon as I read the first post I dropped what I was doing and made it. I didn’t have any actual pictures and my printer doesn’t work so its on my desktop, and wow… Having the things I REALLY want, stare me in the face every time I clear firefox is really motivating, haha.

    Keep up the good posts, there are many people out there counting on you, even if they don’t know it.

    -Jerrel Pickens, Aspiring Super Affiliate

  8. Amit,

    I totally agree with you and highly recommend to everyone for creating a vision board or aka dream board. For those who don’t believe, whats it going to hurt. In fact, I am confident everyone will have a fun time putting together their board. Mine is in my house Den (aka mini office) on the wall next to my desk. The worst that will happen is you achieve one of the items posted.

    To our success..


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