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Here’s What You’ll Get in Life

I’m gonna make this post short and simple.

Here’s what you’ll get in life: EXACTLY what you SETTLE FOR!

I want you to think about that. Really think about it.

When have you said “this is good enough” or “I’m comfortable where I’m at”??

I see a lot of people get their businesses to $10k to $20k a month and they’re happy with that.

If that’s what you settle for that’s ALL YOU’LL EVER MAKE.

I’m not just talking about making money here, if you settle for less in any area of your life than YOUR CHEATING YOURSELF OF YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL.

You should NOT be thinking about “how can I get comfortable”, you need to be thinking “how can I get UNcomfortable, so I can learn and grow and reach my FULL potential.”

If you keep pushing yourself and get uncomfortable, I promise you, you will have a very comfortable life.


  1. aroopam says:

    true we need to push more for achieving big in life

  2. Javier Chua says:

    Wow. Just like what I’m doing with running marathons. You can achieve more distance if you push yourself beyond your limits.


  3. nick says:

    This hit home, because I’m sick and tired of being told not to get rich by my parents and family, and all of that. You get what you settle for, and I’ve been comfortable for too long.. I needed this.


  4. oneletrajz says:

    the comfort zone is the biggest enemy for constant success!

  5. Peter Dunbar says:


    Perfectly said. Here is something I thought I would share.

    In football, if you tell the QB to NOT lose the game, he will not perform as well as if you told him to go in and WIN the game.

    People are at their best when they are trying to WIN, not when they are trying NOT to lose.

    What you stated is perfect. Settle for nothing but the best and you will be rewarded.


  6. The best things in life are always the simplest and this message fits that adage perfectly. Never settle for anything than the absolute BEST in life. Our potential is truly unlimited but most people don’t realize this because of the negative programming that they received throughout their life. Some people may also not believe that they are worthy of such greatness. Lack of self esteem is the cause here. Believe you are worthy of only THE BEST that life can give and raise your standards. You will be amazed at what you are really capable of achieving. Thanks for the great message Amit!

  7. simple tip to comeup in life is pushing yourself…that keeps us going

  8. Gyanguru says:

    Happiness for differs from person to person, one would not like to take some extra stuff to get more money so he settles for 10 to 20 K pay


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