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How Many Elves are Working for You?

I want to do a quick post on something REALLY important.

For about a month or 2 I found myself getting caught up in the drudgery of my business.

I know, I talk endless about outsourcing and building systems but it’s often easy to forget that, and get in the mindset:

“I need to this myself otherwise it won’t get done right!”

“This won’t take long, lemme just crank it out.”


You KNOW what I’m talking about.

Then just this month I got feed up, spend several hours detailing out the processes in my business that I wanted to outsource.

I made jing videos, templates, etc. So that it’s as SIMPLE as possible for my elves to do (I affectionately called my outsources elves! I know that’s WEIRD! LOL)

To my shock and awe, I got 3 months worth of work done in 2 week, thanks to taking a few hours out of my day to building systems and processes that I can hand over to my elves.

So, let me ask you, how many elves do you have working for you? :)


  1. mike huey says:

    can you pass on to us who you use for writing content ?

  2. Chris Munch says:

    Outsourcing can feel like a lot of work when you train people, but most people make it harder because they don’t put good training in place and expect people just to be able to do the work they can do with minimal explanation.

    Certainly different people do better than others, but how effective your outsourcing experience is comes down to how well your training material is and if you picked the right person for the job. This requires a lot of up front effort but soon enough you’ll have an efficient team outputting way more work than you ever could.

    No doubt the reason why you had such success Amit is because you put together solid easy to follow training.

  3. Gyanguru says:

    I am also pro elves to an extent, rather I would like to grow bigger than outsourcing

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi Amit! I’m currently working on building systems and processes myself so this post is right on time. I assume you use some sort of project management software right? Do you purchase a third party solution or did you have your own custom tool built? If you use a third party project management / collaboration solution would you share? I’ve checked out quite a few but I’m leaning towards Deskaway.

  5. Kevin says:

    I’ve got one so far and she’s a lifesaver!!! Funny cause I just sent her a list of tasks to do that free’s me up big time. I Just went full time on my own about 6 months ago a great outsourcer is a gift from the gods!! She’s allowing me to get the business closer to the point of hiring another. Amit you’re completely right about creating videos and training. I have a whole password protected area on my website I’ve been building for her and future outsourcers. Great post. What’s the top tasks you recommend outsourcing?

  6. Erin Walsh says:

    I want some elves, too, Amit!!! Great article and so true. I was thinking about this the other day as I was taking a drive. There is a big letting go that happens internally when you delegate and let things get done. I remember when I was a Business and Professional Woman President. That was the biggest lesson that I had to learn there because sometimes I thought, “well, I can do this better,” but no matter what, it is getting done. Of course jing would have helped a lot back then 😉

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