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Just in Time Versus Just in Case Learning

just in case learningI’m down with pinkeye today! Must have caught it while I was in Acadia National Park this last weekend in Maine (absolutely beautiful park by the way, highly recommended visiting).

So I’ll make this quick…

I want to talk about a critically important strategy when it comes to learning. The SCARY fact is most people have it all wrong.

Here’s what the typical newbie looking to make money online does:

  1. See an exciting product some guru is promoting.
  2. Buys the product thinking : “Oh this is GREAT. I may not do this now, but I should know it and I may need it in the future.”
  3. Goes through a few modules of the product then jumps on to the next hot product launch. Yeah, some people go through the ENTIRE product, but as I’m about to explain it doesn’t make much difference either way.

Sound eerily familiar to some of you?

Going through courses because “I might need ’em later” is called Just in Case Learning. You’re learning it (if you actually go through the course) just in case you might need it.

I’ll tell you right now if that’s your strategy for building your online business YOU’RE DEAD IN THE WATER.

All of the successful entrepreneurs that I’ve ever met (and little ‘ol me) use this strategy for learning…

When I purchase an IM product I have a VERY specific goal in mind, I want to learn a specific skill or strategy from that product that I need to learn in my business at that time.

For example, I went through Frank Kern’s Mass Control before Anik and I launched PPC Classroom 2.0 last Oct. I wanted to learn the specific product launch and selling strategy detailed in that course.

This is called Just in Time Learning, that is, learning a particular skill or strategy at the time you need it in your business.

This is a WAY more powerful way to learn because not only is the information fresh in your brain before you apply it, going through a IM product with the MINDSET and MOTIVATION of how you’re going to immediately apply the strategies to your business takes your learning to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Plus, by immediately applying what you’ve just learned you hardwire the information into your brain. One of the best ways of learning something is doing it. Which is why you had to do homework in school!

The BEST way of really mastering something is teaching it, and that’s one of my motivations for doing this blog! :)


  1. Nicholas says:

    Your comments show an accurate understanding of what many of us go through in our goal to produce online income, especially so in my case, when first starting out. “Just in Case Learing” applied to me more so in the past than it does now, probably out of sheer ignorance of what was relevant and important and what was not. Keeping in mind your recommendation will only assist me in keeping my priorities more in tune with my goals. Thank you for putting into words what my thought process has been focused on for quite some time.

  2. HIMANSHU says:

    Dear AMIT
    Yes – sure – Teaching is REAL FUN and BEST WAY TO LEARN ALSO .
    I teach at Leading B-Schools in Mumbai, India at NMIMs-SPJIMR – and believe me – I REALLY LEARN FAR MORE AND BETTER – WHEN AND WHILE I AM TEACHING MY B-SCHOOL Students – all with atleast 5 years of mid-managerial level experience from some of the BEST compnaies in India – and MMC in India.
    Viz Faculty – NMIMS – SPJIMR
    Management Consultant

  3. Javier Chua says:

    Wow. “One of the best ways of learning something is doing it. Which is why you had to do homework in school!” This is the part that catches my attention as it relate to what we are doing while in sch.

    Do take care and get well :)

  4. Raj says:


    “One of the best ways of learning something is doing it. Which is why you had to do homework in school!”

    Nice tip there.
    Acadia park is a beautiful one. I went last year. Did you pick blueberries.

    There is a great debate now: students should have home work or not?
    It looks like you are for NO HOMEWORK policy.

  5. Vincent says:

    Hi Amit,

    It is true that a lot of people jump from one product to another and this is the strategy for failure. Teaching can help us truly master what we learn and thanks for sharing this with us.


  6. do you really think reading is the best way to learn?

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