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Stop Thinking in Terms of ‘Averages’

Ever tell your friends and family about your new online business venture and they say something like:

“What percentage of people succeed in that?”

“What does the average person doing that business make?”

“You gotta be realistic. Only a very small percentage of people doing that type of business make any real money.”

Sound familiar? That’s exactly what my friends (or so called friends) and family told me.

I mean if you look at the statistics, less than 1% of people who do online marketing really make it BIG.

I’m hear to tell you that averages and statistics are a total crock of shit as far as your success is concerned.

You are not an average, a statistic, or a number.

Averages are typically based on bell curve distributions. What you have to do is study and model people who are at the top .5% of that bell curve distribution. If you do that, you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

Food for thought.


  1. mark says:

    No doubt about that. In fact it goes both ways. Hang out with a bunch of misfits and you can easily become one, hang out with successful people and you can easily become one.

  2. Great stuff, Amit.

    I agree that it’s better to try something and use the results as the baseline for your growth. If you make $10 this month, then you should shoot for $20,$50 or $100 next month and be happy with your progress. If you are at $10k, then shoot for $15k or $20k — regardless of what the “average person” is doing.

    What matters is that you constantly set new challenges for yourself and that you strive to reach them. Don’t compare yourself with others. There is always be faster and slower people than you. If you measure yourself against someone who is much faster, you’ll be frustrated. If you measure yourself against someone much slower, you may become bored,

    Either way, you won’t perform to the best of your own ability. You can maximize your performance by taking wherever you are at this moment and by continually raising the bar slightly.

    After all, you can only ever do your best and not anybody else’s.

  3. we can look back the success in that area. we can put our passion ahead of numbers..if you believe that you can go ahead and do it

  4. Herbert says:

    …nothing beats a DETERMINED mindset…getting the mindset is the problem to lots of people due to what you mentioned – family and friends – as social animals humans fear breaking out of the norm and standing alone…(…i guess it comes with nature…) if you do a pot of gold awaits!

    sorry to read about your health issues and glad to have you back now…

    …any new year resolutions/goals/strategies/updates to share about the STILL dreaded Google and affiliate marketing? Thanks…

  5. George says:


    great info. Just read your pdf and want to ask, where would you recommend learning about 3 of the 5 things you believe, in retrospect, helped you launch and grow your online business:

    1. learn copywriting, direct sales methodology, etc.
    2. testing/finding profitable niche
    3. learn basic webdesign, website building


    • Amit says:

      Hey George

      I recommend these books : Tested Advertising Methods and How to Do Everything with HTML. As for finding and testing niches…hmmm…let me get back to you on that!

  6. Gyanguru says:

    I do follow the same method, the reasons being everyone is different and secondly I am bit tight in maths :)

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