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“Try Not. Do or Do Not.”

That’s what Yoda said to Luke when he was trying to use his mind to lift the spacecraft out of the water!

There’s an important lesson in that. I hear so many people say “I’ll try.” or “I’ll give it a shot.”


If you’re goal is to build your own business and get free from you job, it’s gonna take EVERYTHING you’ve got.

Either commit to it 100% or don’t waste your time. If you’re not gonna give it your 100% your better off working harder at your job so you can get that mickey mouse promotion and make an extra whopping $20k/year.

SERIOUSLY, if your goal is to TRY then PLEASE don’t waste your time.

When I started my business I committed 100% and told myself “THIS is it, I’m either gonna make this work, or I’m gonna die. PERIOD.”


If you don’t you gotta find something that you’re willing to fight and die for.

Is it your family?

Is it your freedom?

It’s probably not money, you gotta find something BIGGER.

When you find THAT, and you make a do or die commitment to make your success a reality, then NOTHING ON THIS EARTH WILL STOP YOU.


  1. Javier Chua says:

    Wow. I have been thinking about this issue recently too. You have hit me hard on the face. Thanks Amit.


  2. I used to read your blog last year while I languished at my boring corporate job in a storage facility here in Midtown Atlanta. They had me managing their PPC, SEO, Craigslist Ads, etc.. and were hanging a promotion over my head that may have paid me a whopping $2 more dollars an hour. I became so dedicated to internet marketing that by the time I got fired from my job for being late too many times I was already making over $40k a year outside of job. Thanks for the great tips and inspiration that freed me from corporate slavery.

  3. Amit says:

    Hey Eddie

    CONGRATS! That’s awesome to hear! :)

  4. Hernan says:

    Where’s the “Like” button!?

  5. Taqi says:

    Thanks a lot for helping us Amit. It’s because of you and this blog I been making a lot of money online with my websites and a SEO services.. I had a employee mindset but you played a important part in helping me change my mindset to a business man mindset.

    This is just the start for me and I am sure I will be a millionaire soon, thanks Amit :)

  6. Gyanguru says:

    Requires deep thought.

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