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What are YOUR Standards?

I mean ETHICAL standards.

Here’s what I’ve seen, over and over again. Someone gets involved with affiliate/internet marketing. They start noticing a lot of people doing unethical things, some are borderline, some are flat stealing from and cheating people.

At first they’re disgusted by it, and they vow they’re gonna do it the right way, honestly.

Then they start going to internet marketing conference, start hanging out with people in the industry.

Slowly, they’re standards start falling. What they thought was unethical a year ago, is suddenly OK to do. (Deep down they feel guilty, but they just bury the guilt in all the money they’re making.)

A year later they’re running acai berry flogs, openly spamming, and snorting cocaine with a room full of hookers.

And there you go, from upstanding citizen to bonified white colar criminal in 2 years.

(Now, I should say, NOT everyone in IM turns into crook or crackhead! But almost everyone has their standards LOWERED.)

So what happened?

If you don’t work hard to maintain high ethical standards, associate with most people in the IM/affiliate crowd will drag you DOWN.

And if you let your standards drop a little bit, and then a little bit more, and then a little bit more again, then before you know it, you’ll be pushing fake new articles and fake blogs promoting bogus diet offers too.

I’m not just talking about standards and ethics because it the right thing to do, but also if you want a long term business you need a build your foundation on integrity.


  1. nicolas says:

    This is a good blog, I’ve noticed alot of my peers go from honorable to borderline criminal. I’m not going to mention any names, but they are outright scamming thousands of people and making six figures with blackhat, and tons of other schemes. So its important to start out right.

  2. Ron says:


    Where is this coming from?

  3. Join says:


    What is the most unethical “thing” you have done?

  4. John says:

    How about the relentess promotion of mostly useless IM products to trusting newbies. Not much integrity there. And yes I was one of those newbies in your PPC Classroom course.
    Judge not, lest you be judged mate.

  5. gary martins says:

    also curious what brought this post about

  6. jayson says:

    last year I made $12k a month for 3 months straight, My methods were the result of many hours studying the habits and taking advantage of innocent internet surfers.

    It was deceiving and unethical but the only way I found to make big money.

    After that method was no longer working I am now back to ethical methods making about $150 a month. :)

    I might be broke, but atleast I can look at myself in the eye every morning.

  7. mike says:

    Amit……it sounds as if you have had a life changing experence……can you tell us about it….we all learn
    from each other

  8. Wyatt says:

    Totally agree with you Amit.

    It’s so pathetic to see those “extremely-hyped” Clickbank products nowadays that almost deliver 97% shit. And they just provide false claims. Perhaps some will say he’s marketing to the newbies and hence no one bothers.

    People will finally find out one day and that’s just the time matter before they do.

    Awesome post Amit.

  9. Slava says:

    A bit untypical post!

    “Then they start going to internet marketing conference, start hanging out with people in the industry.”

    You said earlier we need to be among successful people to be successful (in a post ‘Your associates may kill you’), but now do you think almost all marketers on IM conferences have low ethical standards? So what to do?What’s about Affiliate Summit? I found that you were there few years ago.


  10. aroopam says:

    another nice post amit

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