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Who are You REALLY Finding Fault With?

introspectionJust recovered from a mild fever that I caught on my way back from Russel’s mastermind AND I’m super excited about a bunch of ideas for new projects I’ve got, so I’ll make this post short and sweet.

Can you remember the last time you found fault with someone?

Come on, we ALL do it, even though we’d like to admit we don’t.

Now I’m NOT saying finding faults in other people is a good thing; you should definitely strive to always look for the best in people.

Here’s how to turn finding fault into a positive…

When you do find yourself finding faults in others realize that the faults you see in other people are likely faults you have yourself.

I’ve used this technique for years as a tool for introspection.


See and acknowledging your own faults is the first step towards self improvement.

LOL I know this is kinda deep, but hey, what better to follow the video of my trip to Hawaii.


  1. Dr. Demartini who’s a genius in personal development topics says “If you see it, you own it.” Meaning, people will have many faults, but it is the ones that you “see”, the ones that bug you that are really your own faults.

    People act like mirrors for us.


  2. Rajendra says:

    II am fully agree with you guys. As its true that we are the only one who knows about ourself. And we are who can overcome our limitations. Only important thing is our view over an particular thing.

  3. As Micheal Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror…” This world would be a better place if we all were reminded to look at ourselves FIRST and take ownership of our responsibility for our own situation.

    “I’m Starting With The Man In
    The Mirror
    I’m Asking Him To Change
    His Ways
    And No Message Could Have
    Been Any Clearer
    If You Wanna Make The World
    A Better Place
    (If You Wanna Make The
    World A Better Place)
    Take A Look At Yourself, And
    Then Make A Change”

    Feel better dude.

    Onwards and Upwards,

  4. Javier Chua says:

    Cool Anthony, tat’s a really meaningful lyrics for ourselves to ponder upon. I totally agreed with Amit about finding faults with others linking back to ourselves. Sometimes I do encounter the scenario of finding faults and once I stop myself to think through it, I realized I get to improve myself along the way. –> Life

  5. Raj says:

    Nice reminder.
    Before pointing fingers at others, see where you stand on those first!

  6. You know yourself and what you truly enjoy in life. Trials like doubt and lack of enthusiasm can always deprive you of happiness, but will not derail your chance to become the person you ought to be. Express yourself and honor the people who has inspired you so you can know what life truly means.

    self improvement course can help you determine the right way. It’s a big help.

  7. don says:

    This is new Age BS. See things as they are. Think critically. Be mindful of your conditioning. That’s awareness. Trying to see good all the time is just as screwed up as looking for faults. Neither one is healthy.

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