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Why Better Health Equal More Money

staying healthy and strong means more business profitsYeah working at home is NICE! Butt sitting on your butt all day can have it’s downsides.

After being full time in my business for about a year I notice:

  1. My energy levels began to decline.
  2. I was getting sick more. Fact is if you have less exposure to people (I was sitting at home after all) your immunity will go down. I got a 105 fever aftering coming back from the Affiliate Summit in Vegas back in ’07. I thought I was gonna die!
  3. I got hit with allergies, with SUCKED the energy out of me like you won’t believe.
  4. I started gaining weight.

Did this take a toll on my business? You better believe it did.

My motivation and energy levels had dropped, I was sleeping 10 hrs a day and sluggish when I did work. I know had to do something to change things fast.

I started training at the gym with a personal trainer and doing cardio on top of that several time a week.

Best decision I ever made. I started feeling better emotionally, my energy levels SHOT up, I started sleeping less and getting WAY more done.

I know a lot of you are burning the mid night oil to get your business going, but whatever you do DON’T NEGLECT your health. Spend 3-4 hrs a week at the gym and don’t think of it as time away from your business because you will get 3 time MORE done with what time you have left.

Trust me on this.

Forget about ALL the other benefits of going to the gym and eating right, just think about what it will do for your business and your bottom line – that should be motivation enough.

And when you make enough money hire a personal trainer, they’ll work you harder than you’d ever dream of working yourself. Like I told my personal trainer during my workout today “I would NEVER torture myself like this!”

LOL – that’s what I’m paying him for, to give me a damn good workout!

Now if you’re super motivated about your health than great, this post doesn’t apply to you. But for the rest of us: get off your butt and get into shape, because it will help you make WAY more money and grow your business that much FASTER.


  1. Tom Murawski says:

    I’m exercising daily and see postive results. More energy. ^^
    My morning ritual begins with exercises. uch a thing sets the context for the rest of the day. Exercising also resets the emotions – perfect for starting new day.

    • Keen says:

      Infact Steven Covey (7 habits of highly effective people) also starts off at the treadmill every morning, plus he listens to motivational tapes to get his mindset right. It might be a neat idea to try it after all =D

  2. Will says:

    I have been exercising almost daily for almost 10 yrs now and whenever I stop.. i start feeling sick often… lose motivation and would rather sleep..

    Very true post Amit..

    Keep up the great work

  3. Javier Chua says:

    I realized the importance of exercising as while I’m jogging, sometimes it just give me that ah-ha moments which it didn’t while I’m at my computer.

    Every Wednesday and Sunday are the days on my schedule set for exercising. :)

  4. Dead on Amit. If i go two days without a workout, just like you and Will, I feel lethargic with limited energy.
    We both work from home and when you are working in a city condo, with limited space, and also dealing with a 5 month winter, being inside and inactive is common.
    If i come home from a Charles run, hoop game, or core workout at the gym, I am ready to attack the day.
    Here is a pretty good quick read.
    ‘Endorphins and Happiness- 10 Ways to Trigger Your Feel Good’
    Working out is listed 3rd.

  5. Your welcome Amit. If you want to retweet Nicole’s Twitter name is nicolechow. mine is patrick_burke
    have a great week.

  6. Raj says:


    What you said is true. I want to post a couple of links which are good.

    By watching those videos, and reading material from other site and working in my Gym, Planet Fitness keeping me healthy. I got to make money though. LOL..

  7. Hey Amit,

    I myself am trying to kick the caffeine coffee kick to boost my energy…. currently able to kick it down to 1 cup a day from 4 cups. Im trying 20mins cardio in the morning to kickstart my brain.

    YES, the body NEEDS to be in motion. We were made to move. Finding time to workout seems like an easy oversight, but I must agree with you and everyone else on this post that once you stop you start feeling sluggish and slow.

    As with any activity, proper rest and sleep is crucial. I find that we really need 8 hours sleep to be totally focused and ready to tackle the day. Any less for me, I feel incomplete.

  8. Vincent says:

    Hey Amit,

    Exercise is definitely needed and I found my energy declining lately after I stop exercising regularly. It is time to get back to work.


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