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Stop Fighting for Table Scraps

I just saw “The Social Network” movie a few days back and it REALLY got me thinking. If THAT guy can build a billion dollar company, what can’t I, or any of you? And you don’t even need a 100% new idea (we had myspace and friendster before facebook). You just need to improving on […]

Starting from Scratch: What I’ve Learned

WOW! I can’t believe the response I got from my last post. In light of that I wanted to do a follow up post on what I’ve learned through this whole experience. In a nutshell here’s the TOP 5 things I learned : #1 NOTHING LAST FOREVER No product, or traffic source lasts forever. In […]

Just in Time Versus Just in Case Learning

I’m down with pinkeye today! Must have caught it while I was in Acadia National Park this last weekend in Maine (absolutely beautiful park by the way, highly recommended visiting). So I’ll make this quick… I want to talk about a critically important strategy when it comes to learning. The SCARY fact is most people […]

Critical Skill You MUST have to Get Rich

A lot of people DREAD learning this specific skill. But it’s a skill you ABSOLUTELY MUST MASTER, if you want to get rich. All is revealed in the video below….comment and tell me what you think.

Why You Need to Just Say “No”!

Aloha from Maui Hawaii! Shilpi and I are having an INCREDIBLE time. Yesterday we went on a helicopter cruise over Maui and a neighboring island. Today we went snorkeling and had a chance to swim with sea turtles. VERY cool. Anyway I’m on vacation so I gotta run in a sec. Here’s the first video […]