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Here’s What You’ll Get in Life

I’m gonna make this post short and simple. Here’s what you’ll get in life: EXACTLY what you SETTLE FOR! I want you to think about that. Really think about it. When have you said “this is good enough” or “I’m comfortable where I’m at”?? I see a lot of people get their businesses to $10k […]

Starting from Scratch: What I’ve Learned

WOW! I can’t believe the response I got from my last post. In light of that I wanted to do a follow up post on what I’ve learned through this whole experience. In a nutshell here’s the TOP 5 things I learned : #1 NOTHING LAST FOREVER No product, or traffic source lasts forever. In […]

“What if You Had to Start from Scratch Again?”

“What if You Had to Start from Scratch Again?” That’s a question I’ve been asked before, and I never really knew how to answer it until this year. Because this year I had to START AGAIN FROM SCRATCH. Anik and I parted our ways, I’m no longer doing PPC Classroom (was great while it lastest! […]

“Try Not. Do or Do Not.”

That’s what Yoda said to Luke when he was trying to use his mind to lift the spacecraft out of the water! There’s an important lesson in that. I hear so many people say “I’ll try.” or “I’ll give it a shot.” Let me be blunt: IF YOU’RE GONNA “TRY” DON’T FREAKING BOTHER. If you’re […]

Taking Action and Momentum

I want to do a quick follow up to my last post. I was talking with my business partner today and he made an EXCELLENT POINT : “Hardest part about taking action is getting started, once I get started it’s much easier to keep going.” And it’s SO TRUE. There’s a saying : Motion creates […]