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Internet Lifestyle: Aloha from Maui, Hawaii

Aloha from the Four Seasons in Maui, Hawaii.

I gotta tell you the Four Seasons in Maui is the MOST AMAZING hotel I’ve ever stayed at, especially the Club level where you get your own dedicated concierge and access to the club lounge where they have gourmet food for you around the clock.

Considering a club level room STARTS at $1100+/night you can imagine there’s some super successful and very wealthy people Shilpi and I have run into in the Club Lounge. And you know it’s funny, at first you may think, these people are gonna be really stuck up and snotty.

Actually, the folks in the Club lounge where some of the nicest people we’ve interacted with during our time here.

Here’s the thing: the more successful people are the easier they are to approach and talk to.

Not surprising, when you’re highly successful and have a good self-esteem you’re going to be very easy to approach and talk to. (BIG TIP HERE)

It’s SO COOL to be able to experience Hawaii going first class all the way. So far we’ve:

1. Flew on a Helicopter Tour of the Island
2. Snorkeled with Sea Turtles
3. Pampered at the Spa (having our second massage today)
4. Hiked through the rainforests and caves in Hana
5. Saw an authentic Lua – WOW some really cool traditional dancing and food
6. Went Ziplining
7. Ate Lunch at Mama’s Fish House – YUM!
8. Did a little shopping
9. Went to Warren and Annabelle’s magic & comedy show – AWESOME show

Here’s just a few pics from our trip:

View from our Room at the Four Seasons Maui

View from our Room at the Four Seasons Maui

Shilpi and I at the Four Seasons:

Amit at the Four Seasons

Shilpi at the Four Seasons

Here’s some more pics:

Our Dessert at Mama's Fish House

Our Dessert at Mama's Fish House

At the Lua - Feast at Lele

At the Lua - Feast at Lele

Hiking through rainforest and waterfalls in Maui

Hiking through rainforest and waterfalls in Maui

These pics don’t show much, I got a kickass video I’m putting together for Monday so stay tuned! :)


  1. Steve Katyal says:

    Awesome pictures Amit. Thanks for sharing. BTW did you ask anyone in Hawaii, Was Mr. Obama really born there?

  2. Wow, you two look like the happiest couple! It’s SOOOO nice in the pics and that view is amazing. AND that dessert looks CRAZY (what was it?)! Have a safe trip back. (Flying first-class?..well done… well done indeed…) :-)

  3. Raj says:

    Those photos are really nice. How it feels to be making $1200/month just few years ago and now being in a position to spend $1100/night.
    Wow that must be giving big kick.
    Bring the video soon.

  4. JavierChua says:

    OMG Amit.. I really cannot imagine about spending $1100/night until I saw your post. Now I know that’s something achievable.. cool to see that as it open up my mindset :)

  5. Mona says:

    Fanstastic views and great pictures. Thanks for posting this here.

    Very nice places indeed.

    God Bless,


  6. Adam says:

    I love the four seasons Maui, the beds are super comfy. Don’t be surprised if someone looses a wedding ring in the ocean their it happened 3 time while i was their. Lots of honeymooners. They serve drinks on the beach too how cool is that. Have a blast Amit.

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