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Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

I know, I haven’t posted in a while. There’s a reason: I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues. As a result I’ve had to make drastic changes in my diet, cutting out a lot of foods that I love (stuff that was making me sick).

I’m now on a VERY strict diet, and I gotta tell you the first 4-6 weeks were PAINFUL. I had seriously withdrawal symptoms.

I’ve finally broken past that point and now I feel GREAT. My health has improved dramatically.

What does this have to do with business?

Listen up…

If you want to be successful in business (or most things in life) you gotta be willing to do the things that are uncomfortable, even PAINFUL, in the short term, in order to get results that will make you feel really GOOD in the LONG TERM.

When you get that, and stop thinking it terms of easy money and short cuts, you can start building your foundation for REAL long term SUCCESS.

You can make quick money, and you’ll feel good in the short term, but you’ll be in SERIOUS trouble in the long term.

Just like eating junk.

Are you feeding your business a junk food diet?


  1. Well said!

    Thanks for the inspiration Amit!

  2. Amanda says:

    Great points. Change can definitely be painful, but necessary and totally worth it. Its tough to make yourself work all the time while your building your business. Super tough…

    Glad to hear you are taking better care of yourself. I stopped eating all junk back a couple years ago and lost a ton of weight and feel so much better.

  3. definitely does worth the hardwork..get well soon

  4. Gyanguru says:

    I am ready to take pain for little longer to real prolonged benifits


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