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“What if You Had to Start from Scratch Again?”

“What if You Had to Start from Scratch Again?”

That’s a question I’ve been asked before, and I never really knew how to answer it until this year.

Because this year I had to START AGAIN FROM SCRATCH.

Anik and I parted our ways, I’m no longer doing PPC Classroom (was great while it lastest! :) )

Google had shut down my Adwords account because I was an affiliate.

So everything I have talked about this on this blog was suddenly being put to the test.

Do you get rich by luck, being at the right time at the right place, or is it really a combination of mindset and having the right (easily learnable) skills?

If market conditions drastically changed (as they did), could I get it all back?

Does you success depend on the inside, or the outside conditions?

Before I tell you what I discovered, let me tell you a little about my journey….

Now over the last 9 months I’ve tried many different strategies and approaches to building a new business and getting my 7-figure income back.

Many of the approaches FAILED. But I kept pushing forward – NO MATTER WHAT.

I was a 100% committed to success.

And NO it wasn’t easy. Starting from scratch will never be easy. In fact the experience shook me to my CORE.

And YES, I now have a new business (outside of IM) that’s booming and I’m on track to hit my old income level in a few months.


Once you have your wealth thermostat set at being a millionaire, you can lose it all, and come right back.

Another thing I’ve learned is that being a 100% committed and taking MASSIVE ACTION in the face of failure is the #1 KEY to SUCCESS.

No matter what the results, you have to keep CHANGING your STRATEGY until you ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.


  1. Gyanguru says:

    If you have the skills and dedication towards something, no matter where ever and when every success will knock your door.

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