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“What if You Had to Start from Scratch Again?”

“What if You Had to Start from Scratch Again?”

That’s a question I’ve been asked before, and I never really knew how to answer it until this year.

Because this year I had to START AGAIN FROM SCRATCH.

Anik and I parted our ways, I’m no longer doing PPC Classroom (was great while it lastest! :) )

Google had shut down my Adwords account because I was an affiliate.

So everything I have talked about this on this blog was suddenly being put to the test.

Do you get rich by luck, being at the right time at the right place, or is it really a combination of mindset and having the right (easily learnable) skills?

If market conditions drastically changed (as they did), could I get it all back?

Does you success depend on the inside, or the outside conditions?

Before I tell you what I discovered, let me tell you a little about my journey….

Now over the last 9 months I’ve tried many different strategies and approaches to building a new business and getting my 7-figure income back.

Many of the approaches FAILED. But I kept pushing forward – NO MATTER WHAT.

I was a 100% committed to success.

And NO it wasn’t easy. Starting from scratch will never be easy. In fact the experience shook me to my CORE.

And YES, I now have a new business (outside of IM) that’s booming and I’m on track to hit my old income level in a few months.


Once you have your wealth thermostat set at being a millionaire, you can lose it all, and come right back.

Another thing I’ve learned is that being a 100% committed and taking MASSIVE ACTION in the face of failure is the #1 KEY to SUCCESS.

No matter what the results, you have to keep CHANGING your STRATEGY until you ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.


  1. Nick says:


    Agreed…your posts and videos have taught me alot as I’m going through learning Internet Marketing and applying new strategies to my business.

  2. Max says:

    Hi Amit,

    I am your PPC student and your trainings were great and easy to understand. After Anik changed everything to Affiliate Classroom, its all confusing and difficult to navigate.

    I sensed something was not right after you suddenly dissapeared from PPC.

    I wish you all the best with your new endeavour and I shall always consider you as my mentor.

    Have a wonderful life and keep us posted.

  3. Ron says:

    OK I stole this from a posting on another forum. But it is worth spreading around.

    “Wealth is not in making money, but in making the man while he is making the money.”

    You are not a millionaire/billionaire right now because you aren’t who you need to be to become one.
    Ask yourself, What is it about yourself that you need to re-evaluate to become who you want to become, to get where you need to go?

  4. Hi amit
    Same here. I lost everything – my BIG 1200 sq ft office in a building crash in 2005 – was on road with lots of liabilities – have bounced back as a leading B-School faculty and Management consultant for THEORY OF COBNSTRAINTS – I achieved much better success after I lost every thing…!!!

    ALL THE BEST ….!!!

  5. Herbert says:

    Hey Amit…perhaps this blog post will make people have more questions than answers…you have given straight hints here already but human nature pushes your blog readers to want to know more…perhaps you could share (if not too personal or without giving out too much):
    1. Why did you leave PPC Classroom? to grow? challenge? other traffic sources?
    2. How did you map out your new strategy? people, resources, new skills, business environment?
    3. Is there a SOLID future in Affiliate marketing in terms of all the effort you have to put now compared to how it was?
    4. What’s your new business? Online/Offline/Consultancy? You have mentioned you have a marketing firm…is that it?

    Maybe then we’ll “emulate” you more…it’s easier to follow the successful path already trodden than to build your own is what the wise oldmen say… :)


  6. Ralph says:

    Hello Amit
    Nice to see that your are such successfull. I would have a few questions. Would you mind skyping with me? My Skype ID is rborbeck
    I am looking forward to hear from you.
    Best regards Ralph

  7. Hi Amit,

    Hope your Labor Day was good. I actually headed to Cape Cod,MA for Labor Day to hit the “Rail Trail” with some bikes. Have you been there already?

    Geez. I didn’t know you stopped with PPC Classroom. Oh well, I still got the training material here in my office. Thats sucks that G closed your accounts. Well, I’m happy to hear that you are back into your groove again. Cool stuff.

    Yeah I saw Anik relaunch his site. I was wondering where’s Amit? Now I know. Anyways, I really hope you continue posting here regularly like before.


  8. yuchong says:

    Amit, thanks a lot for these posts. I am just started with affiliate and will not stop under any circumstances. You have been a real inspiration to me.

  9. RICHARD says:


    I had no idea I would be taken to Profit Swami web page.
    I Googled “Swami I am glad to have you back” and expecting something else entirely.
    I am a gentleman of a certain age still striving for some degree of financial security. I have a very small insurance business catering to the restaurant industry.
    I have tried Google AdWords and direct mail, and spent a lot of money developing my business website but I have been unable to build my business beyond a very modest level.I would appreciate any feedback you may have for me.

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