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Eat Like a Caveman

That’s right, I eat like a caveman! I told you in an earlier post that I had some health problems, and that I had to radically change my diet. I now follow something called a paleo diet. What the heck is that? It’s eating (or at least close to) the way our paleolithic ancestors eat […]

Incremental or Instant Success?

When a lot of people think of major success they imagine a big real estate deal or a multi-million dollar product launch. That is, they think of a huge success as something that happens FAST. BIG MISTAKE! Here’s the reality: Success is incremental. Imagine a someone building up a website or a business over several […]

Stop Thinking in Terms of ‘Averages’

Ever tell your friends and family about your new online business venture and they say something like: “What percentage of people succeed in that?” “What does the average person doing that business make?” “You gotta be realistic. Only a very small percentage of people doing that type of business make any real money.” Sound familiar? […]

Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

I know, I haven’t posted in a while. There’s a reason: I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues. As a result I’ve had to make drastic changes in my diet, cutting out a lot of foods that I love (stuff that was making me sick). I’m now on a VERY strict diet, and I […]

Stop Fighting for Table Scraps

I just saw “The Social Network” movie a few days back and it REALLY got me thinking. If THAT guy can build a billion dollar company, what can’t I, or any of you? And you don’t even need a 100% new idea (we had myspace and friendster before facebook). You just need to improving on […]