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Cutting-Edge SEO Strategies…

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Think SEO is too hard, too much work, or just a pain in the ass? Well, I’ve spend several months delving into cutting edge SEO strategies. These are strategies that SEO agencies are charging $1000 a month for, and what’s NUTS it’s costing them next to NOTHING. These are low cost AND hands off SEO […]

Never Stop Testing and Tweaking

This is a BIG one that I’ve been VERY guilty of in the past. Consider this scenario… Your business is humming along, you’re making a solid profit. So you get lazy, you let things run on autopilot. Then one day you wake up 6 months later and you realize your profits are down by over […]

Gotta Learn How to Lose, Before You Can Win

That’s right. You MUST learn how to lose, BEFORE you can learn how to win! I recently started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Needless to say it’s BRUTAL, especially when you’re first starting out. After getting my ass kicked a bunch of times, I was discouraged. My instructor, Alex, told me to not to worry. Every […]

How Many Elves are Working for You?

I want to do a quick post on something REALLY important. For about a month or 2 I found myself getting caught up in the drudgery of my business. I know, I talk endless about outsourcing and building systems but it’s often easy to forget that, and get in the mindset: “I need to this […]

Everything is Think You know about Health is WRONG

OK, Paleo maybe too much for most people, so in this post I want to give some general health advice. WARNING: This may go against everything you’ve been lead to believe about health. Before I get started lemme just tell you that Shilpi and I have tried everything under the sun as far as eating: […]