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Eat Like a Caveman

That’s right, I eat like a caveman!

I told you in an earlier post that I had some health problems, and that I had to radically change my diet.

I now follow something called a paleo diet.

What the heck is that? It’s eating (or at least close to) the way our paleolithic ancestors eat over 10,000 years ago, and hunter gatherer cultures eat to this day.

The basic idea is simple : eat ONLY fruits, vegetables, and meat. Eat local, organic fruits and veggies, and meat that is pasture and grass-fed.

ALSO, cut out processed foods. Which means no more fast food, no more donuts, bread, pastries, cereal, frozen meals or ANYTHING that is processed. No more refined carbs of any sort, all my sugar comes from fruits and veggies (except for the occasional cheat meal!)

It’s not all that bad, I eat everything FULL FAT. But I eat REAL fats such as grass-fed butter and ghee, organic coconut oil, etc. I COMPLETELY AVOID partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

CRAZY, huh?

The health benefits Shilpi and I have experienced are STAGGERING. Not just physically, but mentally as well.

Check out Robb Wolf’s site.

Incremental or Instant Success?

When a lot of people think of major success they imagine a big real estate deal or a multi-million dollar product launch. That is, they think of a huge success as something that happens FAST.


Here’s the reality: Success is incremental.

Imagine a someone building up a website or a business over several years, doing a little bit everyday. They may not see success initially but over the course of years they have MASSIVE success because of they’re daily incremental efforts.

That’s how most people become successful. It doesn’t happen overnight. Even in the case of a big real estate deal or product launch, there’s a TON of work over a period of months and sometimes years that leads up to it.

Problem is most people’s mindset is focused on instant, fast success, and so they go looking for ways to have instant success only to face endless discouragement.

You get what I’m saying?

Think of success as analogous to building of house of bricks, ONE BRICK AT A TIME.

That needs to be your mindset.

Stop Thinking in Terms of ‘Averages’

Ever tell your friends and family about your new online business venture and they say something like:

“What percentage of people succeed in that?”

“What does the average person doing that business make?”

“You gotta be realistic. Only a very small percentage of people doing that type of business make any real money.”

Sound familiar? That’s exactly what my friends (or so called friends) and family told me.

I mean if you look at the statistics, less than 1% of people who do online marketing really make it BIG.

I’m hear to tell you that averages and statistics are a total crock of shit as far as your success is concerned.

You are not an average, a statistic, or a number.

Averages are typically based on bell curve distributions. What you have to do is study and model people who are at the top .5% of that bell curve distribution. If you do that, you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

Food for thought.

Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

I know, I haven’t posted in a while. There’s a reason: I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues. As a result I’ve had to make drastic changes in my diet, cutting out a lot of foods that I love (stuff that was making me sick).

I’m now on a VERY strict diet, and I gotta tell you the first 4-6 weeks were PAINFUL. I had seriously withdrawal symptoms.

I’ve finally broken past that point and now I feel GREAT. My health has improved dramatically.

What does this have to do with business?

Listen up…

If you want to be successful in business (or most things in life) you gotta be willing to do the things that are uncomfortable, even PAINFUL, in the short term, in order to get results that will make you feel really GOOD in the LONG TERM.

When you get that, and stop thinking it terms of easy money and short cuts, you can start building your foundation for REAL long term SUCCESS.

You can make quick money, and you’ll feel good in the short term, but you’ll be in SERIOUS trouble in the long term.

Just like eating junk.

Are you feeding your business a junk food diet?

Stop Fighting for Table Scraps

I just saw “The Social Network” movie a few days back and it REALLY got me thinking.

If THAT guy can build a billion dollar company, what can’t I, or any of you?

And you don’t even need a 100% new idea (we had myspace and friendster before facebook).

You just need to improving on an existing idea and have the vision to make it BIG.

So what’s my point?

Point is why are we fight for table scraps like mangey mutts??

With the skills, knowledge, and marketing expertise most of you have, you can build something BIG.

Think about that…with the same time and effort, why not shot for billions instead of millions?