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Why Better Health Equal More Money

Yeah working at home is NICE! Butt sitting on your butt all day can have it’s downsides. After being full time in my business for about a year I notice: My energy levels began to decline. I was getting sick more. Fact is if you have less exposure to people (I was sitting at home […]

Would You Promote or FIRE yourself?

I wanted to do a short and sweet post today since it’s Sunday. Here’s food for thought, imagine for a moment you were in this hypothetical scenario… Your online business was really a part time job, and you’re an employee accountable to a boss. Where you had to show a certain amount of progress every […]

Have You Made Your Dreamboard Yet?

Have YOU made your dreamboard yet? In my last post I showed you EXACTLY how to make one so that you can manifest your dreams and goals faster than you ever imagined. Now I know some of you are thinking: “Amit, it’s great that is dream board thing worked for you, but stuff like that […]

Luck has got NOTHING to Do with it!

I just got back from my parents house last night. Shilpi and I had a great time connecting with family. Whenever I visit my parents I constantly hear about how “lucky” I am to be rich and successful. That they’re a lot of people struggling out there and it’s a good thing you’re “lucky!” Well, […]

Quick Success Tip : Dress for Success

I have quick tip for you today. Actually I have to credit this one to my wife Shilpi. Being a stay at home entrepreneur I just LOVE working all day in in boxers and a T-shirt! LOL However, my wife, who’s now done with school and at home, notices that when she dresses sharp, as […]